Hi, I'm Cheryl

I'm a Product Designer with a passion for human behaviour.

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Help! I don't know what type of user research to do

Get guidance on which user research method will best meet your needs with this online tool.

With great persuasion comes great responsibility: Ethics in design

A discussion on ethics and responsible product design.

Don't flatline, keep your finger on your customers' pulse

Light touch research methodologies and tools for staying in tune with your customers’ voice.

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ANZ Service Design

Like many other banks at the time, ANZ was undergoing a digital transformation of their in-branch services. They were redesigning the entire in-branch experience, including the physical space.

SEEK Product Discovery

The business had a broad objective: Provide more value and deepen relationships with clients who operate completely off platform. But how? The path forward was unclear and the problem space was highly ambiguous.

Smiling Mind App Redesign

A few years ago I consulted on an app redesign for Smiling Mind, a non-for-profit meditation program located in Melbourne. A start-up at the time, the organisation was working to grow is audience and compete with other meditation apps.

SEEK Choice Architecture

When it comes to your product offering, it's imperative you design a choice architecture that will serve your business objectives while still providing a clear, honest experience that's easy for your users to navigate.


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